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the tasty African MUKIMO recipe


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Mukimwo is an african food flavour  full of nutrients and sweatness.
some people actually call it IRIO.
Lets find out on how to prepare and whats needed  for it to look and tastier and  good.prep time;20 minutes
cooking time;30 minutes
serves; 4


*2 combs of Green soft maize.
*1/2 kg of green peas.
*1/2kg of  peeled potatoes
*6 pcs of mature pumpkin green leaves.
*salt to taste.
*corrionder leaves [dhania].
*1 chopped onions.


1.boil maize and green pees for about 15minutes on a pressure sufuria.
2.boil potatoes,pumpkin leaves  till cooked.
3.smash the mixture of maize and pees combined with step 2 .
4.put the onions and oil in a sufuria and fry till golden brown.
5.smear and mix the onions with the product of step 3.

serve while hot.
can do well with
– beef stew
– pepper[not a must]
-steamed cabbages

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