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Benefits of kiwi fruit

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There are numerous medical benefits of kiwi fruits. From benefits of kiwi fruit for skin to taking kiwi fruit for bodybuilding, you can be sure the fruit has got you covered. Some of the benefits include the management of blood pressure, creating an acid balance in your body, controlling blood sugar, enhancing the immunity system, and promoting kidney function. Additional benefits also include improving breathing function, preventing cancer, constipation relief, improving the health of the skin and stimulating restful sleep. This piece will outline key kiwi benefits and side effects in details.

Helps in digestion

Although attaining the daily protein requirements is challenging, it becomes harder if the body cannot totally break down the protein into amino acids so that the absorption can occur. The naturally produced protease enzymes –enzymes that aid in breaking down protein –are very few and they’re mainly found in foods like pineapples and pawpaw. Fortunately, kiwi fruits help with the digestion of proteins. They have actinidain, an enzyme that is known for its outstanding protein dissolving capabilities that resemble those of pawpaw. This is the reason why it’s often used to tenderize meat. Additionally, it helps in the digestion of proteins in the body and assists patients who might be suffering from problems like bowel syndrome.

Helps treat asthma

It is currently thought that kiwi has high quantities of antioxidants as well as vitamin C, and it can actually assist to treat asthma patients. A study conducted in 2000, showed that there were significant beneficial effects on the lung functions of people who took fresh fruits every day including kiwis. What’s more, fresh kiwi may minimize wheeziness in predisposed kids.

May help manage blood pressure

This is one of the key benefits of kiwi fruits during pregnancy. One of the key forces which play a part in the occurrence of high blood pressure is the altering of electrolyte levels, mainly reducing the potassium level and elevating sodium levels. Luckily, you can rely on kiwis because they have a significant amount of potassium which helps to correct any salt imbalances that could negatively affect your blood pressure, especially among pregnant women. Potassium also plays a key regulatory role when it comes to heart contractions, but it must be regulated since too much of it results in a condition known as cardiac dysfunction.

It supports diabetic health

There are various benefits of kiwi fruit for sugar patients. People with diabetes are required to ensure that they consume fair amounts of carbs even though a tough selection of such foods is required. One of the fruits that can easily be included is kiwi since it has a low glycemic index and excellent fiber content. These two components slow down the pace at which sugar enters a patient’s bloodstream significantly. Whenever sweet cravings strike, kiwis can also act as a testy solution that will not offer negative effects of blood sugar level control.

Strengthening immune health

Kiwis contain vitamin C. A 100-gram size of kiwi supplies over 150 percent of the commended daily intake. Although taking an excess of any specific vitamin isn’t necessarily great advice, vitamin C doesn’t harm the body since its soluble in water and the excess of is passed out in the urine. Taking high quantities of vitamin C is critical for the optimal operations of the immune system. It allows it to get rid of threats proactively and this can be harmful to your health. Kiwis also offer a wide range of additional anti-oxidants that work hand in hand with vitamin C to ensure the body is protected from harm.

Creates acid balance

Most people’s blood pH tends to be more acidic a scenario that is very unhealthy and far from ideal. The normal blood pH should lie in the neutral to the slightly alkaline zone –this is where the blood cells function best. However, since most of us consume unhealthy food particularly the foods that have been processed, excess acids get into our blood and distorts the blood chemistry. This can be very fatal since acidic imbalances promotes the growth of yeast, negative changes to the skin, and development of cancer.

Thanks to fruits like kiwi, which is one of the most alkaline promoting fruits, you can easily control the acid balance in your body. Vegetables and other fruits can also help in restoration of your blood pH so ensure you include them in your diet.

It can promote healthy kidney function

Our kidneys function is to filter blood continuously every day in order to get rid of waste and ensure the blood stays clean. As we grow older, the quantity of insoluble waste accumulated in the kidney filter apparatus increases, leading to blockages and discomfort. Scientifically, this is known as kidney stones, and it’s composed of different calcium salts. By taking foods containing potassium like kiwi, you will minimize the probability of accumulating these salts in the kidney hence preventing the formation of stone. Failing to drink adequate amounts of water every day also increases the chances of getting kidney stones along with hypernatremia (having excess levels of sodium in the blood).

Excellent source of dietary fiber

Most people may not have problems with regular bowel movements, but a significant number of individuals suffer from chronic constipation. In most cases, dietary insufficiencies including failing to take enough water every day and not meeting the body’s fiber requirements cause chronic constipation. Kiwi is one of the best sources of dietary fiber. This fruit is also rich in water content meaning it will help you correct two problems at the same time. Kiwis purportedly have mild laxative effects since their soluble fibers assist in making feces looser and easy to excrete.

The dietary fiber in kiwi helps to prevent numerous diseases. A study done in the University of Leeds found that consuming fiber-rich foods lowers the risks of conditions like coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease. What’s more, fiber-rich foods will keep you full for longer and ensure metabolic markers such as blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure are controlled.

Promotes restful sleep

Did you know that good mood goes hand in hand with good sleep? As it turns out, this is true! It has been found that altering the levels of neurotransmitter serotonin can help people sleep better or worse. When you increase levels of serotonin in your brain, you will improve your mood meaning you will sleep soundly. Kiwi has a sufficient supply of serotonin, so when you consume the fruit, your mood will improve and so will your sleep.

May prevent cancer

Kiwi contains antioxidants that assist in offsetting the damage of DNA, a major cancer contributor, and also averts cellular damage which could lead to undesirable cell changes. The antioxidants can stabilize the harmful free radicles hence decreasing their potential to cause damage and allow them to be secreted by your body. Kiwis have specifically been well-poised to prevent various types of cancers like stomach, colon and intestine. It contains fiber and phytochemicals which enhance the standard physiology of organs. The high-fiber content assists to move waste through your digestive tract swiftly reducing the contact time your waste comes into contact with your healthy cells.

Improving skin health

Our skin is the body’s first line of defense. It protects us from things we come into contact with each day that could be harmful to us. Consequently, the skin takes a beating particularly from the sun, and it may start to lose its elasticity and youthfulness hence becoming listless and saggy over time. The vitamin C in kiwi help in the production of collagen, a protein we require to keep the structural tissues of the skin health. Kiwi also has other phytonutrients and vitamins that help in reflecting the harmful UV damage hence preserving the skin health for longer.

Interesting facts you should know about kiwi fruit

This fruit was named after a kiwi bird (an unusual flightless bird) found in New Zealand. This is because the fruit is small, brown and furry.

Even though kiwis are native

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